Choose a suitable time to visit the festival so that you can take a pleasant walk in the parks and streets of Pärnu.
Check out the program and performance venues in advance.

Each performance lasts about 10 minutes, so you can walk to the next place.
Performance venues are marked with ÖÖvalgel light pillars, which you will definitely recognize! Each venue has information about the program and locations.

On the website, you will find the introductions of the performances with the location which will conveniently guide you to the right place via Google Maps.

Since it is possible to see the performances several times, you can always choose performances on the spot according to the number of visitors.

If you notice that there are already too many people, please select a new time or location from the program.
Dress warmly and rainproof. When it rains, please leave your umbrella at home so that all visitors can enjoy the performances.

Enjoy the festival and share your experience with others on social media, using the tags: #öövalgel #valgusfestival #lightfestival #visitpärnu @oovalgel