The Pärnu Light Theatre Festival “ÖÖvalgel” is a visual theater festival. The program consists of short performances where, in addition to the performers, modern visual technology serves as the main means of storytelling. The festival is the largest cultural event in Pärnu, attracting a significant number of visitors. It is transcultural and understandable regardless of the viewer’s nationality.

The performance venues are within a short walking distance from each other. Thus, the festival serves as a pleasant stroll through the streets and parks of Pärnu as well. All productions are repeated over several days, providing everyone the opportunity to choose their own suitable schedule and route for watching the performances. We recommend spreading your cultural getaway over multiple days, allowing you to not only enjoy the festival but also explore the best cafes and restaurants Pärnu has to offer.

Festival is free for everyone!

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Photos from the festival can be seen here.